Gulp! Salmon Eggs

Gulp! Salmon Eggs were originally formulated for catching trout and salmon in fast-flowing rivers. Over the last couple of years carp anglers have added these floating baits to their armoury to give them a number of different presentation options. They can be used in conjunction with normal boilies or fished on their own. Our Berkley Carp Consultants recommend that you add your favourite flavours for maximum effect. By the way, the perfect bait for trout fishing, even in combination with Powerbait Micro Baits (Honey Worms, Sparkle Nymph...)

Ref. Color Weight Quantity per pack Price
1102715 Chartreuse 0.5 oz 40 65
1102716 FL Orange 0.5 oz 40 65
1102717 FL Red 0.5 oz 40 65
1102718 Yellow 0.5 oz 40 65
1102719 Pink 0.5 oz 40 65
1102720 White 0.5 oz 40 65