Gulp! Alive Spray

Gulp!® Alive™ spray fish attractant will make any bait taste and smell alive. It's like a blood trail in the water that fish can't resist. The trigger spray bottle shoots a stream or a spray, and enhances a baits effectiveness whether it's a soft bait, a hard bait, or a live bait. At Berkley®, our passion is that you CATCH MORE FISH!

  • Heavy dispersion
  • Water soluble
  • Works on all kinds of lures and livebaits

Ref. Color Length Weight Price
1130449 Herring 237 mL 8 oz 159
1130450 Shrimp 237 mL 8 oz 159
1130445 Crawfish 237 mL 8 oz 159
1130447 Nightcrawler 237 mL 8 oz 159
1156584 Minnow 237 mL 8 oz 159